Using good tools to style your hair is almost as important as choosing a good stylist to cut your hair. The blowouts and styles your stylist creates for you look as good as they do because he or she uses the right tools. Professional blow dryers and flat irons make such a difference in your style – unlike those tools you pick up a your favorite “big box” store.

Professional blow dryers, such as the Babyliss Pro we use at Lather Hair Salon, have super-powerful motors that dry your hair faster, straighter, and shinier.  They use ceramic and tourmaline inside to seal in moisture and reduce drying time. Cheap dryers generally use metal coils that create static.

Professional flat irons are also a must. The plates are made with ceramic and are extremely smooth. They also get a lot hotter so you don’t have to repeatedly damage your hair, running the iron over and over it to get it straight. Cheap irons use metal plates and generally snag your hair since they don’t run smoothly. And that causes split ends. Try the Babyliss irons, available at Lather Hair Salon. Ultimately you’ll save money because they will last longer.

Styling tools are definitely the time to splurge. These items will outlast any cheaper tool and will keep your hair healthy. Make sure you store your tools properly:  let them cool completely, then gently wrap the cord around the base of the tool, making sure there are no kinks, and place in a dry area away from water. You will be delighted with the professional difference these tools make!