For most people, “a trip to the salon” creates thoughts of relaxation, transformation, and harmony.  The shampoo bowl is the favorite place to visit, as heads are gently massaged with warm waters and fresh cleansers.  The blow dry can nearly put you to sleep as the heat and brush create a comforting feeling.  As you walk out of the salon with a new, fresh, bouncy style, you wonder where you can go that night to show of your new ‘do.  What exactly is it that makes everyone feel so good at the salon?

First off, we live in a “touch phobic” society, where everybody is either scared to be touched or to touch someone else.  With infants and children, numerous studies have shown that being touched is essential in growing a healthy body and mind.  This extends to adults as well, needing other human physical contact to survive.  Unfortunately, we have become too scared to touch our coworker, friend, cashier, or anybody else, from fear of it being labeled as inappropriate.  When you come into the salon, your first contact with the stylist is the consultation at which point your hair and scalp is usually touched.  It creates a sense of relief, knowing that someone else is taking care of your hair at that moment.  After numerous bad hair days, you will receive “hair therapy” from a stylist, while you relax, knowing you are in good hands.


Everybody wonders why they feel the urge to gently fall asleep while having their hair shampooed or blown out.  Well, the scalp has thousands of sensitive nerve endings that are stimulated when someone plays with or touches your hair.  Because these nerves are not stimulated on a regular basis, it is an extra “shock” when a new feeling such as someone else massaging or brushing your hair is performed.   The relaxation you feel can help alleviate stress, headaches, eye strain, and overall body wellness. Your head needs to be nurtured and touched every now and then, just like the rest of your body!

By the time you leave the salon, you should feel relaxed, renewed, refreshed, and ready to conquer the world! – or at least turn heads with your beautiful new locks.  A good salon experience can help anyone relieve stress and boost self-confidence with just a little bit of scalp stimulation and touch.