Lather Hair Salon in Raleigh is offering a “Back To School But Open To Anybody” special that’s specifically designed to make early mornings easier with the right hair care and styling products. From now through September 30, for the purchase of one product our customers can get a second product 50 percent off the original price!

The five most common complaints our stylists hear from customers involve frizzy, limp, flat, and dry hair, and blonde highlights that have become brassy over the summer.

For frizzy hair, we recommend Whipped Cream or Liquid Gloss by Sebastian. Whipped Cream is a styling whip and leave-in conditioner that creates smooth and shiny hair and helps to define bouncing curls and soft waves. Liquid Gloss is a shine serum that works wonders on frizzy or dry hair.

For limp, lifeless hair, we recommend Root Lifter by Nioxin, a product especially effective on fine, thin hair.

To add volume to flat hair, we suggest Sebastian’s Volupt Shampoo and Conditioner, both of which are based on a cushion particle technology.

For hair that’s become too dry, especially from chlorine and salt water over the summer, Sebastian’s Drench shampoo and Conditioner will bring much-needed moisture back into the hair.

And for blonde hair that looks “brassy,” we strongly recommend Nioxin’s Shimmer Lights shampoo to tone down the brassiness and renew faded color. Shimmer Lights also removes the dull yellow shade that can occur in gray or white hair.

Lather Hair Salon is located at 8521 Cantilever Way, just off Glenwood North/Highway 70 West near Carmax. Come in any time to learn more about our excellent collections of professional hair care products!