Here at Lather Hair Salon, our makeup choice is airbrushing.

Lather is one of the exclusive Raleigh salons that specialize in airbrush makeup.  This type of foundation is the only choice for special occasions when you don’t want to worry about your makeup fading or streaking.

Airbrush makeup is a modern way to create the sort of flawless complexion you see on models and movie stars.  It creates a gentle mist that covers your skin for a completely natural look.  It can also be concentrated to cover blemishes and other unwanted imperfections.

Because airbrush makeup lasts up to 18 hours, you won’t have to worry about reapplying your makeup all day.  Brides are set all day long with flawless skin. No more running to the ladies room in between the ceremony and reception, taking the risk of spilling powder or liquid on your white dress.  With airbrushing, there’s no need to even think about your makeup all day.

Since it’s summer and the sun is hot, many of us will be “glistening.” And we don’t want a heavy foundation that will streak. Airbrush makeup does not budge, no matter how much you “glisten.” It’s lightweight and doesn’t streak or smudge for 18 hours. The secret is the silicone base, making it waterproof and powerful against moisture.

Airbrushed makeup is ideal for women who aren’t used to wearing a lot of makeup. You won’t FEEL like you have makeup on all day, but you’ll look great. Airbrushing is truly amazing. Don’t believe us? Come to Lather Hair Salon and let us show you!