Want to know what the secret to easily straightened hair is?  Bumble and Bumble’s newest editions to their blow dry styling line:

All Style and Repair Blow Dry Creme!!


BB All Style is for a finer hair texture that has oil absorbing ingredients so your fine locks will never get weighed down while still looking smooth!

BB Repair Blow Dry Creme is for coarse, dry hair textures that need a little, well let just say TLC.  The repair helps to mend split ends without weighing the hair down while giving it tremendous shine all at the same time.

BB Straight Blow Dry Creme is for medium hair textures.  It helps against that evil nemesis, frizz!  A creme that is not to heavy or lightweight, this revolutionary product helps to add shine and calm down flyaways.

Be sure to ask your stylist at Lather which BB blow dry creme would work best in your hair.