This holiday season is coming up fast and invitations for holiday parties are going out. For this fun but  busy time of the year, having an easy way of throwing your hair into a quick “party-do” is essential. Here are some suggestions from the stylists at Lather Hair Salon for creating dramatic, elegant looks in a flash.

The Messy Bun:

As soon you get home from work, school, or all those errands, turn on your curling iron. Wrap strands of your hair into a figure “8” around the barrel of the iron.  Repeat the process all around your head, especially in the front.  Leave pieces down, framing your face, and put the rest up into a low, loose bun.  (For a different look, the bun can be pulled to the side of your head.)  Pull strands from the bun and pin outwards to create that chic, “messy” look.

The Side Braid:

This style can be worn with a pony, bun, or with your hair down. Start with the front parts of your hair (either parted down the middle or on the side) and braid small sections (French or conventional), then pull them backwards and pin. You can also use this technique by simply twisting your hair, sans curling iron, and pin the strands back. This style looks great with either one or both sides braided.  For a bohemian look, make the braids loose and messy. For a sleeker look, make them tighter.

The Side Ponytail:

This look is great with loose curls or straight hair.  Wrap the ends of your hair around your curling iron to create long, loose waves.  Don’t worry about the top of your head as this will be pinned back. Leaving your bangs alone, tease the top of your hair for volume.  Smooth backwards and pull hair into a low, side ponytail.  Pull back any loose strands, or leave a few to frame your face.

Loose Locks:

For women who generally leave their hair straight, coming into a party with flowing curls is definitely a dramatic difference! To do this, take sections of your hair, spraying each with Sebastian Re-Shaper first, then wrap them around a curling iron.  After you’ve curled your whole head, run your fingers through the curls to break them up a little.  To create a soft wave, brush through with a hairbrush.


Hair bands and pins are very popular this year. And they’re a super easy way to dress up a ponytail or change your day-time look.  There are different styles of bands: the “hippie” sort that tie around your forehead, the hard headbands that sit right behind your ears, and of course scarves, pins, and bows.  You can change your look by your choice of clip.

All of these styles are quick and easy and will give you a fresh look for holiday parties. Be sure to condition your hair with a styling agent, such as Whipped Crème by Sebastian, and spray with a shine serum to give you a sleek, beautiful sparkle. If you are coming home from a long day at work or school, add some KMS Hair Makeover spray — a dry shampoo — to soak up excess oil.  Finish these styles off with a hairspray by Sebastian (loose hold to strong, depending on your style).  Throw on some lip shine and go!

Of course, another option is to run by your favorite salon to get a quick party-do. Lather Hair Salon welcomes walk-ins!