The spring season is here and with it comes another Wedding Season! All brides want the perfect hairstyle on their big day so here a few great tips from Lather, a Raleigh hair salon, for achieving that goal.

When you’re trying to decide what your hairstyle will be for your big day, take into consideration the weather and location of your wedding. It’s important to select a style you feel comfortable in, but since spring weather tends to be humid, don’t try to force your hair into something unnatural. If your hair is naturally curly, try a style that will embrace your beautiful curls. If you have hair that is straight but tends to wave in the humidity, try a style that incorporates loose, light curls. If you are going to be outside, think of up-dos that tie your hair back so the wind isn’t blowing it in your face during the ceremony. If you feel more comfortable with your hair down, select a style that pulls the front half back or use little clips to secure the pieces around your face.

Six months before your wedding day, come into the salon for a consultation. Bring some pictures of styles you like from magazines or websites. We will help you decide which one fits you the best and makes you feel comfortable. You’ll also want to go ahead and make the following appointments:

Three months before your wedding day is the time to get a cut or trim and is to get your color perfect. (You don’t want to try a new color one month ahead of time and end up with orange hair on the big day!) This would also be the time to get a deep conditioning or high glossing treatment so your hair looks beautiful and healthy on your day.

Two months ahead of time, come back for an in-salon practice for the wedding day. We will do your hair and makeup just like it will be on the wedding day. This is the time to make sure everything is exactly perfect and to let us know of any changes you want to make.

The night before your wedding, make sure to wash your hair and BLOT dry it. By not rubbing it, you will reduce any frizz that might be caused from damaged hair. While damp, apply a frizz fighting serum like Professional Sebastian “Liquid Gloss” and comb through evenly. Let your hair air dry so it’s healthy and ready to style the next day.

On the day of your wedding, pack a “touchup kit” in your purse. This should include a travel-size hair spray, such as Professional Sebastian “Re-Shaper” in 1.5 oz., as well as lipstick and gloss that matches your shade to touchup just before you walk down the aisle and throughout the night. You can stick a few emergency bobby pins in there just in case, but after we are finished, you probably won’t need it! After that, leave the rest up to us, either in our salon or on-location at your wedding site. We will create your perfect hair and makeup so that you will look and feel spectacular on your wedding day!

posted by Lather, a Raleigh hair salon