Lather Hair Salon is introducing the complete Nioxin line to our clients, and here are some scientific facts behind why we believe it’s such a great line of hair care products:

Exposure to elements such as sun, wind, and unnatural materials from the earth can take a toll on your hair, which leads to color fade, dryness, and cuticle separation. Nioxin’s  Clarifying Cleanser eliminates oil, chlorine, and salt.  Because hair is so porous,  Nioxin’s Silk Elixir leave-in conditioner hydrates the hair before you head out to the beach or pool.

Exposure to the sun and UV radiation not only causes painful sunburns and cancer, it also can also affect the immune system. Researchers at the UNC-Chapel Hill have found that melanoma on the scalp or neck are twice as deadly as anywhere else on the body. To avoid scalp burning, you should use Nioxin’s Scalp Shield Sunblock to protect your scalp and hair.

To help renew your scalp and promote healthy growth,  try Nioxin’s scalp recovery dermabrasion.  It will fully cleanse your scalp and give you a clean slate for new follicles to develop.

The Nioxin line is a great system, developed specifically for different hair textures and types.  Before you buy products that won’t give you exactly what you need, come into Lather Hair Salon and let us formulate the perfect Nioxin system just for you!