You’ve picked out a scarf that’s just the right color scheme for your skin, just the right print for your wardrobe, just the right weight for your climate.  Are you standing in front of the mirror for countless minutes as you try to tie it around your neck just right?  Lather has tips for perfect effortless ways to wear your scarf this fall. 


The No-Tie Tie. You can’t get any easier than this: Just drape it around your neck

     When to do it: When you’re wearing a necklace, when you want to break up a one color outfit with a long splash of color.


The Simple Knot Tie. It’s so easy you haven’t even thought about it yet. Just drape it around your neck and tie it in a basic knot Like the first step of tying a bow.  Rearrange the tails a little so that they fall one in front of the other ingeniously covering the ease of the knot.

When to do it: To spice up a t-shirt ensemble, with a V-neck tee.


The Backwards Wrap Tie. Drape your scarf backwards around your neck, so that the center is flush against your throat and the tails fall down your back. Take the tail falling over your right shoulder blade and bring it across your back and over your left shoulder so it falls down the left side of your chest, and repeat with the opposite side.  Keep it wrapped tightly for a polished look, or slouch it down a bit for a more relaxed vibe.

When to do it: Instead of a statement necklace, to cover up a spit-up stain on your shoulder.


Button-Hole Tie. Fold your scarf in half (making it half as long) and drape it around your neck so that you have both tails hanging over one shoulder and the folded center over the other. Open up the folded center a bit to create a button-hole, and thread the tails through the hole

When to do it: With big earrings, with your hair up, when it’s freezing outside.