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Let’s Face It: Your Facial Structure Should Determine Your Hair Style

//Let’s Face It: Your Facial Structure Should Determine Your Hair Style

Let’s Face It: Your Facial Structure Should Determine Your Hair Style

No matter what your facial structure may be, there is a flattering hair cut just for you.  Follow these guidelines from Lather Hair Salon’s stylists to accentuate the best features of your face and to play down the not-so-best.

Round Face Shapes:
Your goal is to minimize the round appearance.  Try cuts that end just below your chin and have soft, graduated layers that will make your face appear slimmer. These layers, as well as the tapered ends, will remove bulk from the sides.  If you would like to have bangs, just make sure they are not blunt, and instead go to the side.

Square Face Shapes:
With this shape, you’ll want to minimize the appearance or your angular jaw.  Lots of texture helps to play down this appearance, such as curls and choppy ends.  Short, funky haircuts and long sleek styles with layers starting at the jaw line make your face softer and more feminine.

Oval Face Shapes:
Oval faces accommodate most hairstyles.  You can go with long, wavy hair or short, spiky hair.  Figure out your favorite feature and pick a style that will flatter it.  If you have a great bone structure, choose an angular bob.  If you have great eyes, bangs are a must!

Long Face Shapes:
A style with width that doesn’t drag down your face is important.  Chin-length bobs are excellent. Make sure your stylist cuts slightly at an angle to give depth to the cut. Curls andwaves also add width to the face. If you really want to wear your hair long, opt for some shorter layers that accentuate your nose, chin, and collar bone.

Heart Face Shapes:
To draw attention away from your chin, choose a different facial feature to accentuate.  Your eyes and cheekbones are best to highlight with bangs that are side swept or heavily fringed.  A strong part with hair that falls below the jaw also complement a heart shaped face. Opt for soft, long layers and avoid harsh layers.

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