Whether you’re looking for soft curls, glamorous waves or tight rings, curling your hair is the perfect way to jazz up your look.  Our Lather stylists share expert tips for achieving the perfect curl.  


When choosing the correct iron size, it’s all about the thickness and length of your hair and the end result you envision for yourself.

If you have thick, coarse or hair that’s hard to curl, a smaller curling iron is the best option.  

A smaller iron also works best with short hair.  

If you have longer, manageable or already wavy hair choose an iron size of the waves you desire.


If you’re looking for volumizing curls, keep the iron horizontal and take large sections approximately 2-3 inches depending on your texture.  If you want to maintain length and a consistent wave from root to tip, hold the iron vertically and take small sections, approximately an inch.  


DO always use heat  protective products before you curl.  

DO wrap your hair around the barrel before clamping and closing the iron to avoid getting a line.  

DO use a curling iron if you already have curly hair.  A bigger iron can stretch out your curl.  An iron the same size as your existing curls can define and cut down on frizz. 


DON’T apply heat protective products chaotically.  Apply section by section for the best hold and protection.

DON’T clamp the curling iron at the ends and wind the iron up the hair.  Start at your roots or at the thickest part of your hair and wind the hair so the ends are not exposed to the heat for as long.

DON’T overheat your hair.  All you need is ten seconds after the hair is woven.