June 2010 — It is HOT out there! It may be “only June,” but around the Triangle, temperatures are already in the high 90s. Everywhere you look, people are pulling their hair up to get it off their necks. And sometimes the results are…less than attractive. Want to do that without looking as if the heat is making you lose all sense of style?

Think “bun.” Buns are cute, stylish ways to put your hair up and make it look as if you want it that way. Trust us: Once you’ve worn a cool, crisp bun, you’ll continue to want to!

Buns don’t require special hair care equipment to achieve a great look. All you need are bobby pins and an elastic hair tie. Headbands, flowers and other accessories add a bit of finish and flare, but the simple bun is a look unto itself.

To create a bun, gather all your hair at the desired place on your head (near your neck, high towards the crown, etc.) then twist it until it coils around itself. Put an elastic band around the base to secure it.  Then place bobby pins around the edges bun to shape and secure it.

Once you’ve mastered the basic bun, you’ll want to try more intricate variations, such as the classic ballet bun in which you put your hair in a pony, then separate each piece and tuck it back behind itself. There’s also the loose, “messy” bun. You can also do a weaved bun.  All of these variations create an elegant look that will keep you cool.

So – stop waging war between your hair and the heat. Show our Southern summer who’s boss and put your hair up into a beautiful bun that won’t frizz no matter how humid it gets! Of course Lather Hair Salon’s stylists are always available to create your summer bun for you. Just give us a call at 919-792-0715.